Friday, February 23, 2007


"I'll wear my badge...
a vinyl sticker with big block letters adherent to my chest
That tells your new friends I am a visitor here...
I am not permanent"

i was listening to this postal service song the other day. it always makes me think of how we as christians are only visitors or strangers in this world.
i was also over at my highshool the other day. i really had an awesome time in junior and senior high. lots of crap that i had to go through...along with every other teenager....but the people there were awesome. lots of good times. so anyways, my friend shelley and i went back to visit some of our teachers. we had to sign in and get these "visitor" badges. as we were leaving, shelley nearly forgot to give hers back and i said something about us only being visitors and how someone should write a sermon about that.
so, here is my sermon. just kidding. mostly just my thoughts on this world. in a paragraph. lol.
its funny how much work and effort we put into the things of this world. i know that there is a certain amount of stuff that we have to do to survive, but, and i know this from personal experience, i could be working on better stuff most of the time. why do i automatically store up for myself treasures on earth?
i constantly need reminding that this world is temporary. it won't last. what i do for God and heaven is what really matters. easily said, not so easily done.
also, as strangers, i think that we are supposed to act differently. not in the annoying touristy way. with cameras and souviners and such. but in a way that makes people realize that we have something better, a hope of somewhere better.
i know this is randomly written, but it's kinda good to think about. i think especially in our teenage years, we spend so much time trying to fit in. or, as i've heard, trying so hard to be unique, just like everyone else. we forget about eternity and sacrifice it for temporary satisfaction.
maybe we need to help each other remember why we are on this earth, and that we won't be here forever. don't get too comfortable.

Friday, February 16, 2007

newest member of my family

I have a new friend!! heheh. he's pretty cute, but kinda shy....likes to hide.
yeah, i'm a geek. i got a chameleon on sunday. and i love him. i'm not actually sure if i'ts a male or female (apparently you can't tell when they are that young....aren't you glad it doesn't work that way with i haven't picked a name yet, i'm referring to him as my little man right now. or whatever comes to mind when i see him.
yeah, that's about all the exciting news for now. it's nice and warm out right now, so i'm happy. perfect for snowmen and snow fight...hmm.
well, have a great weekend guys. see ya'll soon.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


as the title states, i feel blah. boring, bored, meh....whatever.
not that life is bad or anything, i just sometimes have blah days. it also doesn't help that i had today off and instead of doing something productive, i watched about 4 episodes of smallville. now i have nothing to show for my day. oh well. and the oilers lost again last life is pretty much

i finished my rotation at the hospital yesterday. as much as i enjoyed it, i defnintly am glad to be done. i was talking to another girl in my class and we were saying how it's funny how we wish our lives away one course at a time. it seems like we are always counting down the days until we are done the next course. how much of our lives are we missing out on?
it's funny cause i do that alot...count down days. i've even written about it before. how i have this tendancy to set my sights on a goal a week or a month ahead and then ignore the rest of my life until that point. sad, but true.

so now what. i like to complain, but never do anything about it. i'll see if i can go get inspired somewhere. maybe i need to go outside for a while...that always helps. i'm laughing to myslef right now because if you are reading this, you are probably thinking that my life is really boring and not only that but it's so boring that the exciting part of my day is to write down how boring it is. wow, i'm bored.

lol. i'm let you know how my search for inspiration goes.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

many surprises

well, the biggest news of all is that my brother is home. yeah, go figure. i thought i had another few weeks of tim-free time, but no, he decided to come home early. and not tell anyone. lol. actually, it was probably one of the best surprises i've ever had. i got home from the hospital just after 11 on monday night and guess who pops his head (literally) from behind the door? it was pretty amazing. hasn't really sunk in that he is home, but it is really awesome to have him here.

yesterday i spent my shift at the hospital in labour and delivery. probably one of the most amazing experieces i've had so far. i won't go into detail because i know that some of you have weak stomachs, but it was incredible.

well, that's my life for now. :D

Monday, January 22, 2007

methadone and immunizations

hey all,
well, it's been a while...again. life is pretty good. i was at a retreat this weekend, as many of you know because you were also there. i don't know about you, but i had a pretty good time. it was mostly really good to get away from the city for a while and just relax. i purposly didn't take any homework, so i didn't have to think about that at all. sometimes it takes just getting out of the same old every day routine to make you realize what life is about. this weekend i realized how fortunate i am. God has really blessed me in more ways that i know. He is truly good.
and i wanted to remind myself about joy. my parents asked me what the topic was, and i told them "joy", and that was it. but it was so much more. our joy as christians is something that can almost not be explained. it is reassurance and hope. the knowlege that someone else is in control. i'm hoping that my life will somehow be different because of what i heard the last few days. i'm not going to ask for suffering because i'm too much of a wuss, but i do know that it's not up to me in the end. i can rejoice in suffering (or so they say...we'll see :D)

today was quite interesting. it started at 5:15 when my alarm went off and i realized that i really needed more sleep. again. monday mornings always seem that way. i spent my morning at AADAC downtown. learning about drug addictions and how one group of people is treating them with a drug called methadone. it was actually pretty cool. the point of the morning was to open my eyes to one of the options that i might want to pursue as a nurse. man, i you want lots of incredibly job opportunities, be a nurse. it seems that every day i find some new thing that i could do when i grow up.

in the afternoon, i was out at a clinic following a child health nurse around. she was mainly doing assessments and giving immunizations to babies. it was cute. but man, can those kids scream. wow. i was impressed.

so that was my day. full. i'm tired now.

hope that you all had a good weekend. count it all joy.....

Thursday, January 11, 2007


i'm cold. as usaul. but at least it's sunny out. and it's supposed to warm up soon. i hope.

well, my life is fairly uneventful...still. this is an orphan kitten at work. he and his brother (named black and dekker by jasmine) are looking for homes. i love them, but hate cats when they get older.

it's pretty bad when i write an entry about a cat. wow.

oilers are doing alright, so that's awesome.

i've decided that this winter one of my goals is to make either one huge snowman, or many little snowmen in the bonnie doon shopping circle. i drive by it every day. it's so huge and untouched. so yeah, it will be fun....

Thursday, January 04, 2007


so, sometimes life throws curveballs, hey? and sometimes all we can do is hope to learn from them. but God is good.

i was listening to some teagan and sarah and some of there lyrics stuck out to me. and no, i'm not saying that they apply to my life, but they kinda made me think about life and how we chose to live it. "when your love lets you go, you only want love more. even when love's not what you were looking for. speak slow"
" i don't think we have to be like this forever. is there more to life than love and being together. you went away"
"Go ahead, try to figure out what my future looks like. I don't want to live my life like a story; i was thinking i could have been something. just found my way, now let me be. i feel fine, i move on. there's something so dividing, don't worry about me, i'll be fine. don't live your life for me or for anyone. you live your life as if you're one. it's quiet, it's aweful quiet. don't live your life like a movie. don't live your life for me or for anyone"

hmm. made me think.